Self Drive

Self Drive Golf Tours

If you wish to take the Self Drive option as part of your tour with Scot Golf Travel this can be arranged and we will advise you on the rental choices for the size of your group.

A major consideration is that a standard car in our country will not be large enough for 4 people, plus luggage, plus golf bags. So don't be fooled by the look of a picture or that the description might say estate vehicle. Looks can be deceptive and it may still be too small for your needs.

Consider hiring a mini-van for your group and golf equipment

We will give you the best advice possible and just to be sure you have the best experience from your trip we start with "if you are a group of 3 or above - we would strongly advise that you consider paying the extra for a mini-van, or change your plan and go with a private driver".

Things to know about driving in Scotland

That said and you wish to continue with your ideas of Self Drive for your trip then please read on and give the following points some consideration:

  • Most of our roads are narrow, particularly in Scotland (not many motorways)
  • Most of our cars are manual, if you require an automatic your hire car will cost more than the manual version.
  • Petrol is very expensive compared to USA/Canada, it may not be as cheap an option as you think.
  • You will need to check the fine print on your hire car particularly for insurance cover, you may need to take additional cover and it will cost you money (sometimes a deposit that is refundable – depends on the company, they all have different arrangements).
  • Your can may not come with sat nav (navigational aid) and it may cost you more to hire that for your car or it may not be available at the time of arrival/pickup.
  • Taking the above points into account, you may wish to take a driver instead! The amount for a driver will not be much different when you weigh up the “real” cost of a hiring a car. The added benefit is for the poor person that might have to do the drive, if they are driving they will not be able to see much as they will be concentrating on the narrow roads and the traffic, they will find it very tense and tiring and it may impact on their golf. We would always advise taking a driver to be the best option for maximum benefit from your holiday. Your driver will also be most helpful with local knowledge and places to stop or visit.

Approximate Travel Times & Distances between major Golf Areas in Scotland

Travel distances between major golf areas in Scotland

Any more questions regarding self-drive golf tours?

Ok good, you have considered all the above, so will be ready to make your decision about your tour with Scot Golf Travel and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have, just use the message box on the right-hand side if you need to.