The Gleneagles Hotel

Gleaneagles Hotel

Gleneagles Hotel & Resort in Perthshire

The Gleneagles Hotel is a different experience from Scotland's other 5-star hotels in much the same way that its three golf courses differ. The terrain is different, the turf is different, vistas are different, even the air is different.

You have arrived at the inner heart of Scottish golf so be prepared for a unique experience. The name 'Gleneagles' says it all.

The Hotel and its three magnificent golf courses are set in a land of sweeping vistas and dramatic backdrops. Nature abounds here, deer crossing the fairways, the squawk of grouse in the heather or a hare sprinting for cover. Gleneagles is still rich in fauna and flora.

In the 1920's when aristocrats from around the world escaped to Gleneagles to appreciate its health-giving air and outdoor activities was dubbed the 'Palace in the Hills'.

Over the years the hotel has improved combining modern amenities with an old-fashioned, time-honoured style.

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