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Some of the best game fishing in the world!

Scotland has long been renowned for its salmon fishing on some of the most famous salmon rivers in the world. The Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, run most Scottish rivers of any size, making their way from the marine feeding grounds in the North Atlantic into Scotland’s rivers and upstream to reach the spawning redds by late autumn, covering distances of hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles, often against the odds, through strong flows, rough rapids and barely surmountable waterfalls in the process, hence its Latin name Salar, the “leaper”.

The Dee in Aberdeenshire is a classic salmon river and is famous for its multi-sea winter/spring salmon. Spring salmon fishing in the Dee is internationally renowned with a greater number of catches than other Scottish rivers. In February, the best spring salmon fishing is found in the lower and middle-lower

The salmon runs in Scotland, i.e. the times in the year when salmon enter Scotland’s rivers from the sea, occur at different times in different rivers, offering varied opportunities for the salmon fisherman throughout the salmon fishing season.

Some of the best river fishing in the world!